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Legal Compulsory Education

  • Service Introduction
  • What is Legal Compulsory Education?

    Compulsory education is compulsory education that must be performed at least once a year for all employees in enterprises, public institutions, medical institutions, and all companies of all occupations with five or more employees.

    * 4 compulsory education (1. Sexual harassment prevention education / 2. Personal information education / 3. Occupational safety and health education / 4. Retirement pension education)

  • Service Advantages
    • Convenience
    • 1. Convenience

      Customers do not have to visit an educational institution, and can be trained and take courses online, PC or mobile.

    • Reliability
    • 2. Reliability

      The Ministry of Employment and Labor is responsible for having high-quality and certified lectures to conduct reliable education.

    • Cost savings
    • 3. Cost savings

      All tuition fees are fully supported, so there is no burden to you.

  • Service configuration diagram
  •   Statute Obligations Sanctions if there was no legal education
    Sexual harassment prevention education Equal Employment
    Act Article 3
    More than once a year Up to 3 million won penalty
    Occupational safety and health education Occupational safety
    Act Article 31
    Industrial safety Fined up to 5 million won
    Usually 3 ~ 150 thousand won per person
    Personal information protection law education Personal Information Protection
    Act Article 28
    More than one education recommended per year There is no punishment in case of no education, but if personal information is leaked out of the state, up to 500 million won penalty may be charged.
  • Service subject
    • Service subject
    • 1.All companies with 5 or more employees

      2.Companies operating personal information files in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act

      3.Manufacturing enterprises that have high-risk environment such as factory and field

  • Service inquiry and request for service
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