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  • Service Introduction
  • What is CDN service?

    It is a service that guarantees stable data and contents transmission for companies that deal with businesses such as shopping mall, portal, game, internet service company, image movie, and broadcasting by solving a traffic concentration, bottleneck, and data loss caused when contents are transmitted.

  • Service Advantages
    • Shortest time response
    • 1. Shortest time response

      You can transmit various content in the shortest time through optimal access route.

    • Mass traffic can be transmitted
    • 2. Mass traffic can be transmitted

      You can quickly transfer large amounts of traffic content (videos, images, files, etc.) to content users.

  • Service configuration diagram
  • Service configuration diagram

    Dreammark1 CDN service can significantly reduce traffic load on the content server in response to requests from the network and physical location closest to the customer on behalf of the origin.

  • Service subject
    • Service subject
    • 1.Companies that construct media server for operation of education site

      2.Companies that need large-scale live event services

      3.E-learning companies that need continuous management of content

      4.Personal broadcasting platform operator

  • Service inquiry and request for service
  • If you have any inquiries about the service or want more detailed consultation, please contact us at the number below, and IDC specialist will provide consultation and consultation directly.


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