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SSL Security

  • Service Introduction
  • What is SSL Security?

    It is a service that encrypts personal information transmitted between a web server and a user's PC to prevent hacking or malicious threats on the Internet.

    Why SSL security is essential

    Due to the amendment of the Information and Communication Network Act of 2012, it is required to build a security server for all websites that handle personal information. SSL security construction is recommended because penalties may be charged in case of violation.

  • Service Advantages
    • Improved reliability
    • 1. Improved reliability

      Through SSL, you can improve the reliability of your company by thoroughly managing your personal information.

    • Threat Prevention
    • 2. Threat Prevention

      The website where the security server is built can thoroughly prevent the exposure of the customer's personal information from hacking and malicious attack.

    • Security Control
    • 3. Security Control

      A professional security engineer resides and operates 24/7, safely protecting your personal information.

  • Service configuration diagram
  • Service configuration diagram

  • Service subject
    • Service subject
    • 1.Companies that want to enhance corporate reputation and corporate image through the construction of SSL service

      2.Companies want to increase web server security

      3.Companies that want to protect a big data of customers' personal information from various security threats

  • Service inquiry and request for service
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