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Dreammark1 provides a variety of security solutions
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  • Service Introduction
  • What is Ransomware?

    Ransomware refers to a malicious intruder invading a user's PC via hacking or viruses, encrypting the user's files and making a monetary demand for recovery.

    Ransomware service is a service that detects and blocks Ransomware threats in advance and backs up user's data. It is a service that restores data through formerly backed-up data in case of infection.

  • Service Advantages
    • Convenient UI
    • 1. Convenient UI

      Customers can conveniently manage real-time updates and scheduled backups through a simple console.

    • Various backup environments
    • 2. Various backup environments

      With a variety of backup platforms, you can choose the most appropriate backup platform for your company.

    • Ensuring safety
    • 3. Ensuring safety

      Professional engineers reside directly in the control center to detect and protect software in real time, ensuring the safety from the Ransomeware.

  • Service configuration diagram
  • Service configuration diagram

  • Service subject
    • Service subject
    • 1.Companies that want to prevent risks from various Ransomware infection routes

      2.Companies that want to prepare for loss of internal data through Ransomware

      3.Companies that want to protect their personal data from data leakage and loss

  • Service inquiry and request for service
  • If you have any inquiries about the service or want more detailed consultation, please contact us at the number below, and IDC specialist will provide consultation and consultation directly.


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