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Provide cloud-based information system operation
and management.


  • Service Introduction
  • What is AWS DX?

    AWS DX is a service that provides a high bandwidth and reliable network by connecting IT infrastructure (server, DB) and AWS cloud infrastructure by leased line.

  • Service Advantages
    • AWS DX Partner
    • 1. AWS DX Partner

      Using Dreamline’s leased line that is AWS DX partner to build a network or hybrid environment between your location, data center, and co-location environment.

    • 21-year dedicated line know-how
    • 2. 21-year dedicated line know-how

      A professional security consultant proposes a security solution that is optimized for your information system to better protect your information assets.

    • Best Stability
    • 3. Best Stability

      It provides stable network service with a dedicated line composed of 100% optical cable that has high network performance and ensuring the no latency.

  • Service configuration diagram
  • Service configuration diagram

  • Service subject
    • Service subject
    • 1.Companies that need a dedicated line (network) between AWS DX locations to use AWS

      2.Companies that want to reduce the cost of network construction between data centers and co-location environments

  • Service inquiry and request for service
  • If you have any inquiries about the service or want more detailed consultation, please contact us at the number below, and IDC specialist will provide consultation and consultation directly.


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