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Ensure independent line and best internet quality
with the best quality line infrastructure.

Leased Line

  • Service Introduction
  • What is a Leased Line?

    Leased line is a monopolized independent line that provides a secure and reliable B2B premium line service.

  • Service Advantages
    • Security / stability
    • 1. Security / stability

      It is highly secure because it uses the connected network independently between two specific points, and also provides the highest reliability by using the highway underground.

    • Provide high quality service
    • 2. Provide high quality service

      The dedicated line is composed of 100% optical cable and provides high quality service.

    • 3. Provide nationwide diverse network

      Since network is constructed with built-in grid and double, and it can automatically and quickly recover when a problem occurs.

    • Providing One-Stop Service
    • 4. Providing One-Stop Service

      Dreammark1 offer one-stop service from service opening to future maintenance by 1: 1 matching of customer and sales person.

    • 24 /7 customer service center operation
    • 5. 24 /7 customer service center operation

      24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the network control center controls the nationwide network in real time and operates a customer service center.

    • Provide a problem management service utilizing an A/S specialist
    • 6. Provide a problem management service utilizing an A/S specialist

      With A/S specialists and a help desk operation, we provide cohesive problem registration and processing.

  • Service configuration diagram
  • Service configuration diagram

  • Service subject
    • Service subject
    • 1.Customers who need secure private networks(financial institutions, public institutions, media organizations, etc.)

      2.Customers who need a leased line at the right speed for their size and traffic (contents provider, portal sites)

      3.Customers who need high quality and reliable lines with minimal cost

  • Service inquiry and request for service
  • If you have any inquiries about the service or want more detailed consultation, please contact us at the number below, and IDC specialist will provide consultation and consultation directly.


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